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Baba Daya Singh Ji

Baba Daya Singh Ji

Baba Daya Singh Ji

Sant Giani DayaSingh Ji

Baba Ji was the Sixth Chief (mukhi) of Damdami Taksal. Baba Ji studied in Damdami Taksal.

After baba Sant Singh Ji left the world for Sach Khand, baba Daya Singh Ji was the next leader for Taksal. Sant Ji was known as Dilbar (the knower of your heart) by the Gursikh Sangat.

Sant Giani Daya Singh Ji became the next Jathedar (leader) of Damdami Taksal after Singh Sahib Giani Sant Singh Ji. Sant Ji would daily perform Katha at Sri Darbar Sahib and teach his students the knowledge of Gurbani in the Parkarma of Sri Darbar Sahib. Gursikhs were made into great Kathakars (preachers) and Paathis (Gurbani readers) by Sant Ji. One of their best students was Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji, who wrote Gurbani Sateeks and was later honored with the Seva of being next Jathedar of Damdami Taksal.

The son of Baba Daya Singh Ji was involved in a case of murder. The courts decided that he would be hung. The Gursikh Sangat asked Baba Ji what should be done to save him. Baba Ji declared that what will be, will be, they stayed within the hukam of Akal Purkh (order of Lord), and their son was hung. They didn’t show any attachment or ego throughout this period. They stated the following to their widowed daughter-in-law: “Your husband has passed away. If you want worldly pleasures, then you can leave but if you want the happiness of Guru Sahib Ji, then stay and take part in the langar Seva of the Gursikh Sangat.” She decided to stay and defeated her attachment to worldly pleasures. Whoever did the Sangat of Sant Ji would defeat this attachment also.

Sant Baba Daya Singh Ji was strict in their rehat (discipline) and along with doing a lot of meditation, they would preach Gursikhi. Many people took Amrit just by listening to them. There was a saying within the Gursikhs of the time: Aurangzeb wouldn’t have made the same number of Muslims with his sword as Sant Ji made Gursikhs with his preaching and by their exemplary lifestyle. With great love and respect, Sant Ji was known as Dilbar (the knower of your heart) by the Gursikh Sangat.

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