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Images of Damdami Taksal

Images Of Damdami Taksal

 Images of Damdami Taksal.

today after a brief illness of Baba Thakur Singh, who had taken over as the acting head of Damdami Taksal immediately. after Operation Bluestar in Amritsar Punjab, and Baba Ji died here at a local private hospital in the year 2003. He was 89. Baba Ji served as the acting Jathedar, for 19 years.  After the death of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.  In June 1984 he was at Sri darbar sahib.  This content area is just a sample to describe something. These are from tasks and publish in the images. Tamiami tasks Mukhi Singh Ji on this page. Damdami Taksal, which was called the behind SAmpradai during the Army. operation in June 1984 of Sant Bhindranwale, witnessed peaceful days under the moderate. the leadership of Baba Thakur Singh, Though he was a man is no more. But he counts on the controversy by claiming that, Sant Bhindranwale had escaped. And was “in high spirits”.“nursery of militancy” during Though Baba Thakur Singh, a staunch supporter of this theory,  controversy.

The Truth

Bhai Nirwair Singh and Bhai Major Singh told some English newspapers that till Sant Ji’s death. Then Baba Ji was of the view that Sant Maharaj comes back someday. To take over as the Mukhi of Damdami Taksal. Or I choose someone new who is able for Tamiami tasks. However, those who believe that Sant Bhindranwale was killed. During Operation Bluestar are of the view that there won’t be any taker for this theory after the death of the Baba Ji. 17th June 2003 Baba Thakur Singh Ji choose baba Giani Ram Singh as the new leader of Bhindranwale. images of Baba Thakur Singh died in December 2004 and we are in Mehta . Singh Sahib Sant Giani Ram Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale is the new mukhi of us. 15th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal. In Jan 2005,  the main function of baba Thakur Singh Ji or Dussehra of baba. In the Sikh nation come into Gurdwara Gurshabad Parkash, Saheedan (Sangrawan) to give the leadership of Taksal. over to Baba Ram Singh Ji khalsa who has now become an influential figure in the Sikh nation.
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