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Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji

Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa

Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa

Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindran wale

Baba Ji was the twelfth  Chief (Mukhi) of Damdami Taksal. Baba Ji studied in Damdami Taksal Jatha Bhindran.

After baba Sundar Singh Bhindran wale left the world for Sach Khand, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji was the next leader of taksal. Some Students of taksal got angry when Baba Sundar Singh Ji choose Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji as a new leader of Damdami Taksal.

they appointed Sant Giani Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa the next Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, who was forever disciplined in Gursikh rehat and completely understood the knowledge of Gurbani.

Respected Panthic diamond treasure-trove of knowledge Brahm Giani complete in the practices of the Khalsa Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindra(n) Vale was born on Wednesday 12 February 1902 at Amrit Vela (Ambrosial Hours). After his birth he was bathed and taken to the Gurdwara into the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji the Birth Ceremony was performed and Amrit was given to Sant Ji. Karah Parshad was prepared Ardas performed and a Hukamnama taken. Sant Ji was named from the first letter of the Hukamnama per Sikh tradition.

His parents were devout Sikhs and due to the religious outlook of the household from a young age, Sant Ji started placing a Rumala over a stool and doing Chaur over it with peacock feathers as a child. In childhood, he learned the correct pronunciations of the following – Panj Granthi 21 Vars Bhagat Bani & Das Granthi and memorized the 5-morning Nitnem Prayers. Upon listening to Kirtan Sant Ji’s spirit would get uplifted to some inexplicable inner spiritual state of enjoining at the feet of Satguru Ji. Due to the guidance of his paternal uncle at the age of 7 years, Sant Ji was an Akhand Pathee of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

At the age of 13 years, he also mastered the Sanskrit language he read Ramayan Mahabharat Yoga Vishest and other Vedic Granths after understanding and pondering on the teachings of these Sant Ji read the Faridkot Teeka of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji authored by 52 Nirmala intellectuals he gained much knowledge from this. But the spiritual taste/elixir he was searching for was not discovered.

In 1920 Sant Sundar Singh Ji arrived at Village Akhare on their preaching tour it was here upon meeting Sant Sundar Singh Ji that the young Sant Gurbachan Singh gained the inner peace that he was searching for. The Jaap/mediation of Vaheguru Gurmantar began intrinsically. By listening to the Katha and Kirtan of Sant Sundar Singh Ji Sant Gurbachan Singh’s heart was finally filled with peace and bliss. It was at this point that he felt he should become a part of the Khalsa Panth and he took Amrit. He became such a true Khalsa that he made his life a continuous penance such a blissful repetition of Simran began which he enjoyed to his last moments a non-stop invigorating meditation. Mind-body and wealth were all sacrificed at the feet of the Guru. After seeing the Nanakana Sahib Shaheedi Episode:

ਤਨੁ ਮਨੁ ਕਾਟਿ ਕਾਟਿ ਸਭੁ ਅਰਪੀ ਵਿਚਿ ਅਗਨੀ ਆਪੁ ਜਲਾਈ ॥੪॥
I would cut my mind and body into pieces and offer them to You;I would burn myself in the fire. ||4||
Ang 757

They imbued the spirit of this quote into their lifestyle. On the top floor of Sri Harimander Sahib (Amritsar), they meditated on Gurmantar and Moolmantar for 3 months.

ਜਤੁ ਪਾਹਾਰਾ ਧੀਰਜੁ ਸੁਨਿਆਰੁ
Let self-control be the furnace and patience the goldsmith.
Ang 8

They attained the great living of the above quote and gained much spirituality through their meditations and prayers.

In 1921 they went to Bindra Kala(n) Gurdwara and met the respected Sant Sundar Singh Ji and humbly asked for the blessing of Brahm Vidiya – Knowledge of God. As a jeweler can recognize the value of a gem, in the same manner, Sant Sundar Singh Ji recognized the greatness of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji at this young age (19) he embraced him with affection and kept a watchful eye upon him. He started to live in the Jatha on a permanent basis. Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji started doping Seva of Sangat and Sant Sundar Singh Ji and was always praying to be accepted in the house of Guru Nanak.

Daily he would rise at 1 am after doing ishnaan – they would do Simran for 45 minutes. His daily duty was to do the ishnaan of the Gurdwara Sahib to perform Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Parkash and to recite Sri Japji Sahib and Sri Sukhmani Sahib and to start the Kirtan. He performed his duty with much affection purity dedication commitment and discipline. He listened to Sant Sundar Singh Ji narrate the Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji a total of 4 times and was educated in the following by Sant Ji – Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Vaars & Kabit Svayas Bhai Nand Lal Ji’s writings Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Sri Guru Panth Parkash Sri Gur Bilaas – 6th & 10th Guru and many other accepted writings. By reading meditating listening accepting and practicing Gurbani the true mystical meanings of Gurbani were realized by him. He got educated in other faiths to further his knowledge he studied Yoga Vedant Panj Dasee Moksh Panth & other Granths along with which he studied Sikh History. He read 125000 Japji Sahib’s and performed 3060000 meditations of Mool Mantar and countless meditations of Vaheguru Simran were performed during this period.

In this manner, his mind was always attuned to Gurbani. At night whilst asleep he would even start uttering Gurbani in his sleep. His voice was very sweet his pronunciation of Gurbani was always correct (Shudh) due to his immense love with Gurbani Sant Sundar Singh Ji appointed him his Paathi (reciter of Gurbani) for Katha. Khalsa Ji’s waking of Amrit Vela (1 am in this case) daily recitals Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Seva and his joy and respect in performing this Seva sweet and gentle character understanding of mystical meanings of Gurbani his achievements and love of Sikh discipline all these qualities are of the few Gurmukhs that have existed. When reciting Paath for Katha Khalsa Ji would raise his living/spiritual experience to the stages being narrated.

Sant Sundar Singh Ji narrated the complete Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji at Boporai Khalsa Ji was the Paathee throughout the Katha and on the day of the Bhog (close) of the Katha he honored Khalsa Ji (Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji) with a Siropa (robe of honor) and he said to the Sangat “With us (in the Jatha) we have countless Gurmukhs who have got educated some have gone on to full-time employment many have gone on to get entangled in the demands of a householders life (Grahist) but the teachings that were taught to me by Sant Bishan Singh Ji Murale Vale it is only Khalsa Ji who has met all the teachings of Sant Bishan Singh Ji. Sant Bishan Singh Ji honored me with many gifts and today I place all these gifts in the keep of Khalsa Ji. The Jathedar of Damdami Taksal started by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is being given to Khalsa Ji – with this Siropa.

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